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We are a company dedicated to producing high-intensity water games, which are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of young audiences and the current childhood.


Our vision is to be a company that maintains its quality and continuous growth through our core values.


All our products are manufactured under the best standards and materials, which are available at the time in which they are produce.


Make each of our products and processes the best in the market, implemented for this, the best materials and technology.





This game is a favorite of all, it evokes earlier times, where children spent hours and hours playing on giant slides. And based on this, WATER SLIDES DESIGN, he has adapted to modern times, making fiberglass and vibrant colors that make them look freshly painted all the time.

   To start the fun you have to climb and reach the top, take a special rug and choose a lane. Once you’re ready to go, you have to lie down on the rug face down, face forward and with a slight push be dropped. Well, it sounds simple, but it’s totally fun start down the lanes, going up and down and seeing how’s your buddy, You want it to never end the tour



This beautiful game formed with eight closed slides 32 “width, is really impressive. Guests climb to the top and choose any of the 8 rails to slide. It’s amazing watching them compete with the other lanes, because even though this game is closed, if manufactured in translucent colors is great fun to see how to go down and find out who is the winner. Another positive feature of this game is that it can be used by children of all ages, including when they are already parents.



This game is incredibly versatile, because it consists of 32” width lanes closed “, but you can choose how many pairs you want to install, but always keep in mind that they are per couple. Upon reaching the exit tower the visitor climbs it´s preferred slide and begins to slide, as if the person is inside of a huge snake. Visually it is a very attractive game, because you can make endless combinations of colors, when they combine, they look like a great work of art full of different shades, but also looks great if you want to do in the same color.



Thanks to our experience, we have merged two of our big games, so we can bring this EXCITING, which is deeper into a closed slides 32 ” width, and when you go out, instead of falling into a pool and finish your journey, you go again out and enter the multiple slide and keep having fun to slide down those big ups and downs, really is a ride that will remember for a long time. Also, this game also can purchase the number of lanes you want. It is special for who can enjoy all the whole family or only children up to 99 years.




The circumference is extreme and innovative game, consisting of a “translucent, closed slide body of 32” in which we forget conventional exit tubs, and we replace them with a cabin, which has a gate through your body came out at a high speed towards the slide, and then give an incredible 360 ​​degree turn, and at the end fall into a pool or a braking straight.



This is a boat slide 58” width, which can be for 2 or 3 people. Start taking them on a journey that starts up on a conveyor belt, and then connect to an open or closed slide, then it will take you down quickly and then the impulse, take you back up and fall again. An unforgettable experience.



The FLYER is a boat slide 58 “, which fall quickly to a steep slope to climb back, almost into the same high level, to fall down again at high speed. It’s a feeling of free fall, in which each of the pendants fulfil of great energy to anyone.



It is a full adrenaline attraction, in which you came out by an open slide 54″ width and fall into a big drop and with the impulse you reach the top of a wall, almost on a vertical position, then descend at high speed and lead to another slide 54″ width to finish the ride in a pool or braking channel. This game used a boat for 1 or 2 people and has the advantage that can be fitted with some travel sections, either at the beginning or the end of the ride.



It is a game consisting of a closed 58”slide, in which you start falling down until you find the entrance of a big size cone, and when you enter it, you begin to glide with a back and forward movements, until you get expelled from the cone and finish the rest of the ride on a 58”slide. This extreme game used a 4 people boat.



This game consist in a closed 58”slide, in which we place a cones in a strategic positions. The fun starts when you fall down the slide, and the raft find a cone and entered it, the raft swinging several times until lost flight so you go back out into the slide and continued on the ride finding another cone again. This attraction used a boat for 1 or 2 persons, the number of cones, will depend on the total height of the game, so you can do a big single project.



This is an amazing game with an imposing size and very different from the rest of the slides, as it resembles a large sea wave. First you have to climb a tower, then go out on a boat to the big swing and start to swing, out of control side to side, to lose all the speed and be taken to the center of the ride, where you step out of the raft and go down in small stairs, so we don´t use straight braking or pool. It is the favorite of those who want a really different and impressive attraction. It can be made in multiple colors and we used boats of 1 or 2 persons.




The bump is the traditional game of speed, which you’ve probably already seen somewhere, we would describe as a very high slide, in which people rise and fall in a down completely straight at high speed, finishing always in a flat line that take off the speed, until they completely stopped. It is amazing that in just a few minutes people can have so much fun, just enough to hear all the laughter and shouts, and at the end, see them run to turn up. If you think the public is going to visit your park it is mostly young people, do not hesitate a moment to put a wallop.



This great speed game is too funny, because it is used with an inflatable raft where they can go several people, falling down without any control, so the adrenaline remains at the top all the way.

    Also this kind of slides, which fall up to 4 people at the same time help when in a park crowded, because instead of going down one by one and that the row is slow, everything is speeded up by small groups.

   The tires can be uploaded manually or you can install a ramp where the tires are placed to collect them just before using them again.



This closed slide is a favorite of people who liked the mystery because it is closed, it’s like entering a dark tunnel, which will not let them see where they go, and all the fun laughs get enclosed while going down at high speed. So this type of slide are seek for much people who know their park have many youth groups, such as the parks are located near schools.

These are games for a specific audience, so we recommend that you install them after you already have a basic option, because as we say before, is not a slide that everyone can enjoy, but they are perfect to expand your park attendance, hotel or aquatic complex.



The ROCKET is an amazing game because it gives you a unique feeling of throw you into the void; first of all you have to resist a big high and reach the launching place, then you enter a closed capsule and wait until we remove the floor and leave fired at high speed. I imagine that just reading it, feel the excitement of the people who use it, really everybody go out wanting their turn up many times, no matter all the stairs they have to claim.

Due to its characteristics, this is also a game that we recommend for very bold people, who likes high altitudes and high speeds, anyway, people that likes to have fun in an extreme way.